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Tuesday, October 13, 2009
I am writing this blog after a long time. In this blog post I focus on just one specific topic with the realm of internet marketing: Email Marketing. I always prefer permission-based email marketing.

Permission-based email marketing refers to the practice of collecting information from website visitors, I am telling about the mail Id of the web site visitors, now communicating with them via e-mail with their direct consent. The “permission” aspect of permission-based email marketing is what separates lawful email marketers from the spammers that everyone contemns.

E-mail marketing works very well, it's like a never ending assets. When we have thousands of loyal subscribers and we put a strong and compatible offer in front of them, income becomes nearly automatic. I think the key to successful email marketing is the development of a legitimate trust relationship with the subscribers. We have to take the time to provide good content to our readers on a regular basis, then we’ll discover that our readers take all of our emails more seriously and they will opened the mails and read those. Sending the mails manually is more better then sending it through a software or something like that.

I had try this myself and got the positive result. One thing is very important here that your mail subject should be catchy, interesting and meaningful. This will make your subscribers to open the mail when they see it in their mail box. Hope this will help you and you will have the result.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

All we SEO and SEM related guys know some or many useful SEO techniques. Some of those really work good but some of those don't, whatever the technique we are using actually it depends on the project(website). We need to decide that, which type of project we are hendling and what is the right marketing strategy.

In this blog-post I am telling you one of the most useful technique, we do link building for getting better page-rank and the keyword position also and we do one way, reciprocal(2 way), 3 way link building.

Here is one of those;


This is a technique for getting back links in order to boost google Page rank. I think this as the best way of getting back links. This method is based on a looping linking concept rather than one way.

There should be minimum three members(link builders) and thats why the name "threesome" when we build links. This trick works in a very safe way so its "awesome". Now that there are three participating pages on three different sites one page links to other in a ring manner.
Suppose to say, the three sites are A, B and C. So when we exchange links then A links to B, B links to C and C links to A, nobody links each another directly but links like a circle.
"All the links are one way links and no one is returning favour to any other directly."

According to my view this technique is the safest technique I have ever seen till now. In this process two websites don't vote to each other directly but as Google prefer one way link(vote) so the three sites vote each other and beside it looks like a one way link. We do - comments posting, forum posting and many other process like that for gathering back links, I watched many of those links are "no follow".

Ok whatever are those but beside it if we try "Awesome Threesome technique", I think we will have better result then that.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009
Google has made change to its system was the launch of universal search in 2007. So many things like blogs, videos etc. included in the first page of the search results. Universal search reduces the number of the relevant sites appear in the first page . As usual many sites have to pay to get the position on the page one.

I think, it is a part of the long slog to achieve ever more exact interpretations of users' queries. Actually the aim is to understand users' language and the intention of their search. Some brands will benefit from these semantically related search listings, those are now appear at the bottom of page one of search results when a user search.

Many people see this semantic search update as a small change. According to Neil McCarthy's thought "People can be a bit more relaxed in their use of language," he also says "They only have to use words from the right group rather than find the exact word."

This type of search accepts not only the search quarry matched is matched to the content of a particular web page, the meaning of the quarry matched to the meaning of the website.

Semantics beyond Google

So many rival search engines already use elements of semantics.
Rival search engine Ask boasts strong use of semantic search and an ability to understand questions, and soon it will have the capacity to answer questions.

We, the web world related guys need to wait if this changes bring some advantages to us or not, but according to my thought this will open a new way.

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