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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The quality of pay per click campaign is the right keywords list.

It’s important to search for and research high quality keywords. Make a long list, and make sure you check out every possible avenue for success. Think of a different way that your word might be interpreted. That also help you to getting a good keyword rank in the major SEARCH ENGINES.
Those keywords also fetch the traffic to your website.

*** Initially you can use; misspelled words, domain names, products, serial numbers and plurals. Sometimes searchers forget to put spaces in between words and when you use these types of key phrases you can find more traffic.

Your pay per click campaign’s success will be dependent on how good your list of keywords is. For this reason you will want to look into all your choices before using your keywords.

MISTAKES(don't do that):
In Pay per Click advertising many new advertisers may make many killer mistakes, which could land them in to deep hot waters. In PPC advertising not only the ad copy plays an important role, landing page and call to action are equally important as well.
Landing page is the one which can convert your visitors to your buying customers or subscribers.

(1) If your landing page meets the customers requirement and have all the information which customer is looking for you get conversion from this click.

(2)Landing page optimization and elimination of dead and non-active keywords is the key for effective landing pages.

My all suggestions about PPC campaign and to avoid those killer mistakes.

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